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Huge Discounts On Wearables, Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers, And Pc Games

Looking to make the most of your workouts? Want to jam in the shower? Need to boost up your Steam library? These deals have you covered!

Wearable Device Deals

TomTom Runner GPS Watch ($89.99, 31% Off)

Do you like to run? Wish you had a better way to keep track of where you’re going and where you’ve been? This TomTom GPS Watch will do just that for you. At 31% off, it’s a great deal.

Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband ($103.98, 20% Off)

When it comes to wearable fitness trackers, Fitbit is the leader. The Charge is one of the more reasonably priced models, but it still offers tons of features. Even at it’s full price of $130, it’s a good value. But at $104, it’s an even smarter pickup.

UP3 by Jawbone ($94.90, 47% Off)

The UP3 is certainly not without problems, and I’d have a hard time recommending it for the normal price. However, it’s still a pretty solid fitness and sleep tracker, and at less than $100, it’s worth a look.

Go Nuts With These Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

TaoTronics Water Resistant Shower Speaker ($12.99, 48% Off)

You really can’t beat a 4-star rated waterproof Bluetooth speaker for only $13. It’ll work in the shower with its suction cup, and it comes with a 6 hour battery life, which means it’ll be impossible for you to shower longer than the battery will last (unless you have a really powerful hot water heater).

TaoTronics Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker ($23.99, 66% Off)

If you want a bigger speaker with a little more power that can still take a beating and handle water, this is the one you want to look at. At $24, it’s a great deal, and you can rely on it being a solid device, as it has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

Save on Steam Games

South Park: The Stick of Truth ($29.99, 25% Off)

The Stick of Truth is easily one of the best licensed games released in recent memory. Heck, it’s one of the best turn-based RPGs in the last few years, too. If you’re a fan of South Park, this game is a must play!

Saints Row IV ($4.50, 70% Off)

For the price of a Starbucks coffee, you can get an awesome open world game filled with all the Saints Row insanity that you know and love. Add in a healthy dose of super powers, and this is a fantastic game at a crazy low price.

Civilization V: The Complete Edition ($12.49, 75% Off)

When it comes to value for your money, you can’t do much better than Civ V. There’s literally infinite replayability for only $12.49. You can’t beat that!

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