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Reviewandjudge: Check Website Popularity To Test The Validity Of Scam Reports

Not all online scam reports against websites are accurate. To check which ones are invalid, you can first review the popularity of a website and the extent to which it is supported. To perform a thorough yet simple popularity test, head on over to ReviewAndJudge.

check website popularity

Review And Judge is an extremely simple-to-use popularity checker for websites. All you have to do is enter a site’s name and its popularity statistics are instantly displayed. Amongst these stats are included estimated monthly US internet visitors, longevity of the website, and its Google PageRank.

check site's popularity

Equipped with the popularity facts, you can quickly judge whether or not the scam reports against a particular site are true.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you conduct a quick popularity test on websites.
  • Tests include longevity of site, number of monthly US visitors, and Google PageRank.
  • Helps judge the validity of scam reports against a website.
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Check out ReviewAndJudge @ www.reviewandjudge.org