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Special Price Drop – $29 For 1tb Of Cloud Storage

Today only, snag 500GB of instant storage and 500GB of cold storage for $29. That’s not $29 a month, or even $29 a year. It’s $29 for life!

Buy: Zoolz Complete Cloud Storage: Lifetime Solution

Zoolz Complete Cloud Storage Features

When it comes to discounts on cloud storage, this is one of the best deals we’ve ever seen. You’re going to get 1 TB of storage for life at the cost of $20. That’s an insane amount of space for not a lot of money. The last time we featured this deal, it was $39 for the exact same subscription, so another $10 off is certainly nothing to scoff at.

Now, normally the way this much space in the cloud is available for a low price is because it’s all cold storage. That means you can’t get access to your files on-demand, but rather you’ll need to wait a few hours. With Zoolz, though, you get 500GB of instant storage for the files you want all the time, and 500 GB of cold storage that you can get to in 3-5 hours for the stuff you want to keep, but don’t need to access regularly.


To give a bit of perspective, the best-selling 500GB HDD on Amazon sells for $49 (£41.85). For most users, 500 GB will be more than enough to store all of their files (I have a 1 TB HDD in my computer that’s about 1/3 full, so I definitely could).

Want more perspective? An average MP3 is about 3.5 MB, so with 500GB of cloud storage, you could fit about 142,000 songs. If an average album has 12 songs on it, you could put 11,000 full albums in there. And that’s just the instant storage!

But of course, you won’t need all of your files right away, which is where that 500 GB of cold storage comes in. It’s perfect for storing important documents, photos, and other files that you can’t afford to get rid of, but don’t need in a pinch. We all have tons of those files taking up valuable space on our hard drives. You wish you could get rid of them, but on the off chance that someday you need them, you’re stuck.


Zoolz promises military-grade 256-AES encryption for all of your files, so you don’t need to worry about your files getting stolen by malicious individuals.

There’s some other really useful features with Zoolz. Check them out:

  • Scheduled backups make sure all your files are there without you thinking about it
  • Throttle your bandwidth so the backup doesn’t eat all your Internet speed
  • Files stored at multiple facilities on many devices for retention and safety

Basically, if you’re sick of dealing with the huge costs to upgrade services like DropBox and OneDrive, then you need to check out this deal.

Act Fast!

I don’t want to stress you out, but this deal is available today only. After that, it goes back to $39 (which is still a great discount, but not as good as $29)! If you never want to worry about how much space you have to store stuff in the cloud, grab this deal ASAP!

Buy: Zoolz Complete Cloud Storage: Lifetime Solution