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Good Griefing: The Funniest Gaming Trolls On Youtube

gaming trollWe have covered trolls extensively here on MakeUseOf, with a three-part toolkit The MakeUseOf Toolkit Against Online Trolls [Part 3] Read More designed to help you deal with these online ne’er-do-wells the best starting place. However, trolls don’t limit their presence merely to forums, comments sections, and social networks; a particular breed can be found playing video games online Know Your Enemy: 5 Types Of Online Gamer You’re Guaranteed To Encounter Assuming you play online then you’re guaranteed to have met certain types of online gamer. It’s unavoidable. There are a wide range of them out there, but they can all be pared down to just… Read More .

This breed are known as griefers, and they get their kicks from setting out to intentionally wind other players up. If you’re on the receiving end of a well-timed griefing then it can be very frustrating and annoying. But watching it happen to other people is hilarious, especially if they react in a manner that is way over the top compared to the “crime” that has been committed against them.

There are people who call themselves professional griefers, and they set out to elicit a response that they then capture on video before uploading to YouTube for entertainment purposes. What follows are some of the funniest gaming trolls on YouTube, and it should go without saying that all of the videos featured are very NSFW as they contain extreme language, vulgarity, and every -ism you care to mention.

Those of a sensitive nature should read no further.


This YouTube channel specializes in trolling other gamers on Call Of Duty, though there are a few other games featured to add a touch of variety. The video embedded above shows a young kid and his dad both getting trolled, with the kid being exposed as a booster, and being punished as a result of his inherent naughtiness.

Troll Base

This YouTube channel boasts that it’s the “number 1 source for all your trolling needs,” and it certainly has a lot of content for those of us who enjoy watching a good griefing. The video embedded above shows a classic piece of trolling on Gears Of War 3, with one guy getting increasingly annoyed with what’s happening.

The Gentleman Troll

This YouTube channel features a better class of troll, or at least someone putting on an affected accent so that his victims think he has more class. Unfortunately acting posh makes no difference, with the same reactions being meted out to any griefing. The video embedded above shows the user politely asking someone to stop coughing… they don’t comply.

The Ninja Academy

This YouTube channel should really be about ninjas, but it’s not, it’s about trolls, and lots of them. This is anther channel that mainly focuses on Call Of Duty titles, because FPS fans do seem to be the easiest to wind up. The video embedded above shows a rare piece of trolling, with the CoD care packages used to great effect.

Dai Ling Ping

This YouTube channel features Dai Ling Ping, a true alter-ego of someone, somewhere, who would rather remain anonymous. As well as the typical trolling and griefing encounters, there are also parodies of popular videos, and a series featuring Manhunt 2 being played with added commentary. The video embedded above shows endless examples of online insults.

Jay’s Channel

This YouTube channel doesn’t hide its intent, with “I make videos about winding people up on online games,” in the the description. There are a good variety of games used as the backdrop to the trolling, and it makes a change to see more than Modern Warfare 3 being used. The video embedded above shows a stranger’s Minecraft creation being decimated.


This YouTube channel features episode after episode of trolling at its finest, and all in glorious high-definition. Because, let’s face it, trolling isn’t the same in smelly ol’ standard-definition. The video embedded above shows some guy being trolled by Stephen Hawking. Not the real one, obviously, but I’m still not sure I could shout at that electronic voice.

General Minus

This YouTube channel is my favorite on this list, and one of my favorite overall. If one person deserves to be crowned king of the troll it’s surely General Minus. Mainly because he always does it with class and elegance. The video embedded above shows him doing what he does best – getting angry Americans riled up – on Counter Strike.


What I find interesting (and entertaining) about these YouTube channels and videos is that the reactions are far worse than the original trolling. I end up liking the griefers and disliking the people shouting, screaming, swearing, and threatening violence against them. Trolls as likable underdogs? Who’d have ever thought such a day would arrive.

Do you know of a better YouTube channel dedicated to video game trolling than these? Have you seen an individual griefing video that deserves a wider audience? As always we’d like to hear from you, so please feel free to respond to the article in the comments section below.

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