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How To Install Private Roku Channels And Unlock More Content

These days, it’s a toss-up between the Nvidia Shield and the new line of Roku hardware when it comes to being king of the streaming devices.

Even though the Nvidia device is more powerful and boasts a more user-friendly operating system in the shape of Android TV, the Roku devices have one huge advantage: private channels.

Sure, you can sideload apps onto your Android TV device, but they don’t come close to Roku’s private channels in either ease-of-access or ease-of-installation. How do you install private channels on a Roku? Keep reading to find out.

Installing Private Channels on Roku

Private channels aren’t listed in the main Roku Channel Store. Therefore, before you can install one, you need to know its unique code. Where can you find private channel codes? Your first port of call should be the Roku subreddit, where some of the best private channels are available.

Second, check out the many websites dedicated to cataloging private channels. Some of the best are rokuguide.com, streamfree.tv, and rokuchannels.tv.

When you’ve got a code, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Use a web browser to navigate to my.roku.com/account.
  2. Fill in your account credentials and click Sign In.
  3. Go to Manage Account > Add channel with a code.
  4. Enter the channel code and click Add Channel.
  5. Click OK on the next warning screen.
  6. Confirm the installation by clicking Yes, add channel.

How to Install Private Roku Channels and Unlock More Content roku add channel

Technically, the channel can take up to 24 hours to appear on your device. However, you can make it appear instantly by turning on your Roku and going to Settings > System > System Update > Check Now.

Which private channels have you installed? Let us know your favorites in the comments below.

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