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Connectify: Turn Your Pc Into A Wireless Access Point

Connectify is a desktop tool that turn your pc/laptop into a wireless access point. Working essentially as a front end for Window 7’s “virtual wi-fi” feature, Connectify allows you to share the internet connection of your laptop with other users.

It is also handy for keeping all your mobile devices connected from one internet source without having to rely on wireless routers.

turn your pc into a wireless access point

Connectify is one of the first tools that uses the power of mesh networking. The idea behind mesh networks is that every pc/laptop can become a wi-fi hotspot, ensuring not only a steady internet connection but also allow integration of different devices without having to set up anything.

Once installed, Connectify sits in your system tray. To start a hotspot, just fill in your preferred Wi-Fi name and your pass phrase, and then click the large button to turn the hotspot on. Other devices will immediately detect your created hotspot and they can join in using the password that you supplied.

Connectify: Turn your PC Into a Wireless Access Point connectify thumb

You can also use Connectify to start your home network to share files and printers without using a router.


  • Create a wi-fi hotspot from your pc/laptop in an instant.
  • Created hotspots require WPA passphrases for better security.
  • Connect and sync your wi-fi enabled devices without using cords, blue tooth, or wireless router.
  • Works with Windows 7 (only).

Check out Connectify @ [NO LONGER WORKS] www.connectify.me

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