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8 Reasons Why He Didn't Text You Back

Guys can be hard to explain or understand. Wondering why he didn’t text you back after a date, or is he just ignoring you all day? Here’s why.

Are you wondering if your network, or his, is down, or if there was a zombie apocalypse only in his part of town and that’s why he hasn’t texted you back? Are you going crazy wondering what’s going on? Before you grab your zombie survival kit, here are eight (plausible) reasons why he didn’t text.

I will never understand how women survived in the days of letter writing. I understand it less during the days of letter writing and delivery by horseback or messenger pigeon. If you ask me, a text is still too slow when it comes to the heart racing messages of love and adoration (or just a “hi” from your crush).

But sometimes, no matter how much we stare at our phone, no matter what kind of Jedi mind tricks and mental messaging will power we use, the guy just doesn’t text us back (or at all, if you just gave him your number).

Before you play every possible end of the world scenario in your head (or all the other horrible reasons he might not have texted you), here are the top eight reasons why he didn’t text you.

#1 He Lost Your Number

If you gave a guy your number on a napkin at a bar, at a club, at a movie, or even at a café, there’s a good chance he didn’t text because he actually lost your number and the napkin it was attached to. Men are only human, you know. They lose things just like we do – especially little pieces of paper.

#2 He Got Busy

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If a guy hasn’t texted you yet and it’s been less than a week, don’t worry too much. I’ve learnt that no matter how busy I am, the truth is when I’m waiting for a text it’s usually because the guy is much busier than I am.

Men have lives, too. They have work, they have the gym, they have their video games and everything else in-between. If he hasn’t texted you yet, he very well might just be busy.

#3 He’s Confident in Your Relationship

You might not feel completely secure in your relationship unless he responds to every little thing you send him, but if you’ve been with a guy for a while and he hasn’t texted you back yet, then there’s a good chance it’s because he’s actually very confident in your relationship and he isn’t worried.

You might worry that he’s out with another woman, or he’s found somebody new, but he’s just thinking there’s no reason to text; things are okay.

#4 You’re Not on His Mind

As much as I hate to write this one, not all reasons are good ones. Sometimes, when a guy doesn’t text it’s because he’s not thinking of you. You are not on his mind.

When that happens, there’s not a lot you can do about it. Bombarding him with, “Hey, are you there?” texts will not help your situation. If he’s not thinking of you, he’s just not thinking of you. Not a lot that can be done about that.

#5 He’s Not Really into You

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If you give your number to a guy and he doesn’t text, then he’s just not into you. I have given my number to two men in the past month and neither of them (that’s right….neither of them) have texted me.

In fact, one of them I see at least twice a week and he hasn’t even mentioned, “Oh, I forgot to text you” or “Yeah, I’ll get ahold of you later this week”. Nope, nothing. It’s okay. I’ll just keep giving my number until someone is into me (it’s sort of like fishing…the analogy is true).

#6 You Frightened Him

That being said, I gave my number to two very shy men. I like them quiet, it’s much more appealing to me when a guy doesn’t have a lot of really deep philosophical debates all the time; I just want a nice quiet guy who cooks. Anyway, these two guys were both nice and quiet… and I’m not. I’m quite obvious and unabashed. I am pretty sure I frightened them.

If you’re trying to date a shy guy and you wonder why he hasn’t sent you a text, it’s more than likely because you frightened him. It happens, just move on to the next one.

#7 He Needs His Space

Another horrible reason a guy didn’t text you is because he needs his space. In other words, you’re smothering him. Men tend to really freak out when a woman pays too much attention to them. It’s kind of an “I want her to like me, but I need my freedom, but I want to chase her, but I’m too scared to really do anything about it all” sort of thing that goes on with men.

Quite frankly, I have no idea how the men on this planet could survive without women. But that’s not the point. The point is that you’re smothering him. So give him some time and let him come to you. It’s a guy thing.

#8 He’s Not Near His Phone

I have been sending a guy I know texts for two days (random useless things, but that’s not the point). Today, I sent one and a few hours later got the response “Hi, sorry, I’ve been away from my phone. Am at family’s right now. I’ll be home later.” To be honest, this is legit; he does that.

To sum all this up, if your guy isn’t texting you it’s either because he’s not interested, he’s busy, he needs a break, or he lost your number. Zombies are probably not an option in this.

You have two choices if he doesn’t text: You can either keep texting him (not an option I would recommend), or you can give up and move on to some guy who actually does give a damn and WANTS to hear from you every day.

So, tell us: Which option will you choose?

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