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The 5 Best Gaming Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

gaming podcastsThere are few better ways to entertain or educate oneself while on the go than a podcast. All you need is an MP3 player or smartphone and a pair of earbuds. Personally, I love to listen to podcasts while walking my dog or exercising, but they’re equally great for morning commutes and airplanes.

While there are a lot of podcasts, it’s no surprise that most podcasts cover topics of particular interest to tech-savvy listeners. That includes gamers. The number of podcasts available about gaming is tremendous. Not all are worth your time however, so I’ve rounded up the five gaming podcasts that I turn to when looking for mobile entertainment.

Drunken Gamers Radio

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As the title implies, Drunken Gamers Radio is an all-out, rant-filled, drink-fueled gaming love and hate-fest. I will warn you; most gaming podcasts are fine with dropping a swear word here or there, but Drunken Gamer Radio is certainly not what you want to listen to if children are in range (unless you don’t like their parents).

But in spite of the antics, Drunken Gamers Radio is exceptionally well produced. Mic quality is usually high – none of the static and hiss all too common among podcasting – and the commenters sound great, even when they’re ranting aimlessly.

The gaming podcast doesn’t seem to have any set schedule, or any specific topics. This is not the gaming podcast you should listen to if you want to get any level-headed information about new games, but it’s awesome for entertainment.

Gamers With Jobs Conference Call

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One problem with the gaming community is that it seems to be targeted towards perpetual teenagers despite the fact that many gamers are now adults with jobs and responsibilities.

Gamers With Jobs is a blog that was founded in recognition of the fact that many gamers can’t devote all of our time and energy towards gaming, even if we love them. The podcast cast and crew is a collection of Gamers With Jobs staff and freelance gaming writers who offer a mature perspective. Several have kids, and will talk about games that they’ve have fun playing with their children. There is plenty of talk about more mature games however, and Gamers With Jobs is one of the few podcasts that talks about indie games and mainstream games in equal measure.

The podcast usually comes out on Tuesday and devotes some time every week to new games the cast has been playing.

A Life Well Wasted

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This podcast is unlike any other gaming podcast available. Each episode takes a look at a specific theme and usually touches on several sub-topics related to the central theme.  It’s essentially “This American Life” for gamers.

Unlike most podcasts, A Life Well Wasted features numerous interviews with a variety of people including shop owners, professors and game bloggers. While most podcasts feature a cast that’s content to comment on a topic, A Life Well Wasted is the only gaming podcast that actually delves into issues more deeply by interviewing the people involved.

A Life Well Wasted is not frequently updated; there are only six episodes, and the last was posted in 2010. A new “season” of episodes is planned for 2011. Despite this, every gamer who wants to hear some wonderfully mature discussion of gaming and gaming culture should absolutely listen to A Life Well Wasted. There’s no gaming podcast like it.

Three Moves Ahead

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Founded by freelance game writer Troy Goodfellow, Three Moves Ahead is the only weekly podcast that focuses exclusively on strategy gaming. The general focus is on PC games, but the cast often talk about board games and console games as well.

Since its introduction the original founder and host, Troy Goodfellow, has taken a job in the games industry. The new host, Rob Zacny, has done a good job of keeping the show on its feet. Unlike many podcasts, the host of Three Moves Ahead isn’t the ring-leader. The guests are given time to speak and lively debates often spring up without any particular person dominating the argument.

Three Moves Ahead can wander a bit at times, and it hasn’t always had the best production quality. The strength of the podcast has always been the knowledge of the cast and staff, all of whom have forgotten more about strategy games than the average gamer knows.

Weekend Confirmed

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A brilliant weekly gaming podcast, Weekend Confirmed is a must-listen for gamers who want to know about the latest and greatest games. The production quality of Weekend Confirmed rivals the best radio shows, and while the podcast can run a bit long at times, it sums up most of the important events in gaming during the previous week. This includes big releases, big controversies, and excitement over upcoming titles.

Weekend Confirmed does have its flaws; the host, Garnett, sometimes uses phrases you’ve probably heard coming from kids trash-talking on Xbox Live. The discussion can be hit or miss as well, as certain cast members or guests seem to “win” arguments by force of will more than substance. Most of the big gaming podcasts have similar flaws, however. Weekend Confirmed is rather tame by gaming podcast standards, and it’s certainly the most enjoyable way to learn about what’s popular and controversial in gaming right now.


When formulating this list I considered over twenty-five gaming podcasts that I’ve listened to at least once and many more that I haven’t had the chance to tune in on. If your favorite podcast isn’t listed here, let us know about your favorite in the comments, and why you love it.

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